Join Us for Our First Green Drinks of the Year!

Green Drinks NewWestMeet up with others concerned about our common future!

Join us to discuss the Blue Dot movement at New Westminster’s first Green Drinks event of 2015, happening Sunday, April 19th from 6 pm to 8 pm.

After a short presentation on the Right to a Healthy Environment, we’ll discuss what this right could mean for citizens of New Westminster. We encourage you to join us and add your voice to the conversation.

Later the same week, local organizers will present New Westminster City Council a proposed declaration protecting our right to a healthy environment. Exact time and date to be announced at this Green Drinks event. Ideas generated from the Green Drinks event will help form part of this presentation.

Meeting Details:

When: Sunday April 19th – 6-9 PM

Where:The Met Bar and Grill - 411 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

About GreenDrinks NewWest

GreenDrinks NewWest is an informal gathering of community activists and environmentalists who get together to meet, discuss, and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Each GreenDrinks has a theme, with an informal presentation, to help participants feel connected and inspired by an issue.

Attendees are welcome to bring business cards, brochures, info sheets, magazines and newsletters to put on a table for people to take away with them. But they also have to make sure to take whatever is left when they leave.

GreenDrinks NewWest is hosted by members of the New Westminster Environmental Partners. To learn more, you can go to our, “Like us” or “Friend Us” on facebook (nwepbc), or follow us on twitter.

If you would like to hear about the next GreenDrinks NewWest, which happens about every three months, you can join our non-members list by sending an email to contact [at] nwep [dot] ca.

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NWEP Members Meeting: Confirmation of New Board Members

Please join us as we greet our new board and make plans for the upcoming year. We will be welcoming new board members Nadine Nakagawa and Dylan Jones as well as welcoming member Maria Marcakis in her new role as she works with Deni Loubert to coordinate our various marketing event events for the upcoming year. We will also be asking the general membership to vote confirmation of Dylan for the board as he passes his 90 day board “internship”.

We are also hoping to discuss new roles for the general membership as the board meets to plan for the upcoming year. Since our goal this year is to find ways to include the general membership more in our ongoing events and plans, we welcome everyone to come and join in the discussion.


Wednesday March 25th – 7:30-8:00PM


MLA Judy Darcy’s Community Room – 737 Sixth Street, New Westminster (in the back of the office)



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City of New Westminster Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion: 7pm, Thursday, Jan 22, 2015

Catch the Video on

Catch the Video on

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: What is the spill response for a pipeline rupture, a marine disaster, a fire along the pipeline, or at the tank farm? What financial benefits does the province receive? How much in taxes? – Why aren’t “climate change factors” included in this decision-making?

▪ Nagel, Jeff (Apr 12, 2012), “OIL & WATER: PART ONE: How Safe Are Oil Tankers Travelling Southern B.C. Waters? Burnaby NewsLeader
▪ Staff Writer (Apr 12, 2012), “Notable Accidents Involving Oil.” Burnaby NewsLeader ▪ Coyne, Todd (Apr 12, 2012), “More Oil Tanker Traffic Coming To Burrard Inlet.” Burnaby NewsLeader
▪ Chow, Wanda (Apr 12, 2012), “OIL & WATER: PART TWO: What Happens If There’s An Oil Spill In B.C.?” Burnaby NewsLeader
▪ Nagel, Jeff (Apr 12, 2012), “OIL & WATER: PART THREE: Is B.C. Destined To Be Alberta’s Oil Superport?”  Burnaby NewsLeader
▪ McDiarmid, Jessica (Jan 12, 2015 ) “Adrift: How A Stricken, Fuel-Laden Cargo Ship Nearly Ran Aground On Canada’s West Coast Behind The Dramatic Moments Of The Simushir Near-Disaster.” The Tyee

▪ Allan, Robyn (Jan 12, 2015), “How Trans Mountain Project Will Pump Profits To Its Texas Owners: Charting The Houston-Driven Inner Workings Of Kinder Morgan.” The Tyee
▪ Anderson, Mitchell (Dec 15, 2014)“Expert Engineers Deem Trans Mountain Too Dangerous: One In 10 Chance Of Burrard Inlet Disaster, Riskier Than Northern Gateway, Says Letter To NEB.” The Tyee
▪ Burnaby Residents Opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion (Jan 15, 2015), “Trans Mountain, Kinder Morgan and Tank Farm Accident History : Canada and the USA” BROKE Website
▪ McMartin, Pete (Jan 15, 2015), “Getting ‘SLAPPed’ by big oil? Burnaby Man Refuses To Settle With Kinder Morgan, Campaigning For Legislation To Protect Democracy” Vancouver Sun
▪ Moreau, Jennifer (May 26, 2014) “Fire Department Worried About Tank Farm Expansion: Deputy Fire Chief Paints Grim Worst-Case Scenario If Tank Farm Were To Catch Fire.” Burnaby Now ▪ Wikipedia: ” Kinder Morgan: Pipeline History”

▪ Julian, Peter, MP Burnaby-New Westminster: ENCORE PRESENTATION NEWWEST.TV: Sustainable Renewable Energy: Peter Julian, MP Burnaby-New Westminster

City of New Westminster to host Town Hall Meeting on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

City of New Westminster to host Town Hall Meeting on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion


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2014 NWEP Events and Activities

NWEP AGM Poster 2014, Promoting Community Collaboration

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