Election 2011 Candidate Survey

In partnership with the Tenth to the Fraser blog (http://www.tenthtothefraser.ca), this civic election NWEP has again sent out a list of question for mayor and council candidates on issues of sustainability.

Candidates were given two weeks and asked to answer each question within 350 words with any answer longer being truncated at the 350th word. Answers are being published in the exact condition received, spelling, grammar errors and all, with all formatting removed so they are in the same font (no highlighting, colour, underlines, etc).

We hope this will be helpful for New Westminster voters in their evaluation of candidates on the important issue of sustainability and the environment.

Questions asked:

1: Sustainability seems to be a common word these days, but its use is often ambiguous. How do you define the word “sustainability”, and how does it relate to the job of a City Councillor or Mayor?

2: Still on the subject of sustainability, what do you see as the major successes in New Westminster during the last council term, and what were the missed opportunities?

3: What do you see as the major opportunities and challenges for the upcoming Council term in regards to sustainability?

4: The City will be developing a Master Transportation Plan within the next term, what would you like to see included in that plan?

5: Translink continues to mull a replacement for the Pattullo Bridge. Would you rather see the bridge repaired, replaced with a 4-lane structure, or replaced with a larger structure? Would you support tolling the bridge to pay for its replacement? If you don’t support replacement, would you support tolling the existing bridge?

6: Do you support a Tree Bylaw to regulate the removal of nuisance trees on private property?

7: Now that Metro Vancouver’s Solid Waste Management Plan is approved, would you support the location of a Waste-to-Energy plant in New Westminster?

Mayoral Candidates:

James Crosty
Vance McFadyen
François Nantel
Wayne Wright

Council Candidates:

John Ashdown
Jonathan Cote
Vladimir Krasnogor
Gerry Liu
Jaimie McEvoy
Betty McIntosh
David Noshad
Robert Osterman
Gavin Palmer
Chuck Puchmayr
Susan Wandell
Lorrie Williams

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