NWEP Collective Statement: Members Support Judicial Review

Members of the NWEP applaud the community organizations and individuals who have recently taken the drastic step of seeking judicial review of the decision permitting the Proposed Coal Transfer Facility for Fraser Surrey Docks, see “New West Heads to Court over Coal Facility,” Sept 22, 2014, and “Environmental Groups Welcome New West’s Support,” Sept 25, 2014, Royal Record.

On Aug 21, 2014, members of the New Westminster Environmental Partners were disappointed to hear that the permit to convert Fraser Surrey Docks into a terminal for the export of U.S. thermal coal was approved, signed by CEO and PMV President Robin Silvester. We see this decision as lacking accountability to the communities Port Metro Vancouver is purported to serve, and we believe it exposes an inherent flaw in a review process that was so narrow in focus and so bereft of transparency that this decision became a foregone conclusion.

It is our opinion that in making their decision Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) dismissed the legitimate concerns of the surrounding municipal governments and their residents, First Nations, health officials, and engaged citizens who almost unanimously oppose this project. From our perspective, their decision disregards the standards and bylaws established in the communities that host their operations. It also ignores the body of science regarding the impact of coal dust on human health and the environment, and the global impact of burning thermal coal. Furthermore, the Port failed to address the neighbourhood impacts of more than 2500 additional diesel locomotives passing though residential neighbourhoods every year, a critical omission, in our view.

Members see this decision coming at a time when the world community is coming to terms with the devastating evidence of the current impacts of climate change related to the burning of fossil fuels. The global response against anthropogenic climate change has already begun, and our regional neighbours are already taking action. From drought-ravaged California to Puget Sound, local legislators are saying “no” to terminal proposals like this one. We believe the move to make BC the “port of last refuge”, as a means to benefit the province’s economy, is a move backwards that threatens our international reputation and our global responsibility.

In response to PMV’s decision to support the expansion of coal exports, our members’ commitment to protect our communities and to respond to the needs of our environment strengthens. Community groups, municipalities, health and environmental professionals, First Nations, and concerned citizens from all walks of life are now united by a common cause. We will continue to work together to call for accountability from members of our Port Authority, our Government, and from corporations who hope to gain the social license to operate in our communities and to add citizens’ voices to the decision-making process for the benefit of our broader community.

NWEP Collective Statement: All members who responded, through email, agreed with this statement. (Oct 3, 2014)

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Join NWEP and UNIBUG at RiverFest: Saturday, Sept 27, 2014.

Saturday, Sept 27: NWEP and UNIBUG at RiverFest


Take Part in the 2014 Shoreline Cleanup on South Dyke Road in New Westminster, Sunday, Sept 21. 

Don't Miss It!

Don’t Miss It!


Meetup location: South Dyke Road Riverfront Shoreline Cleanup


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New Westminster: Community Dialogue: Evolving our Understanding and Action on Climate Change

Mon, Aug 18, Community Dialogue, Climate Change,  NWEP

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GreenDrinks: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, Heritage Grill: Live on newwest.tv

ENCORE PRESENTATION NEWWEST.TV: Sustainable Renewable Energy: Peter Julian, MP Burnaby-New Westminster

To View the Presentation Slides, Click on this Link:

Download (PDF, 2.44MB)

Clean energy strategies are successfully being put into place in many parts of the world. One of the most exciting examples of this transition to clean energy is that of the region of Samsø in Denmark. In 1997, Samsø won a government competition to become a model renewable energy community. Now, 100% of its electricity comes from wind power. During his visit last year, as Energy and Natural Resources Critic, Peter and his wife were informed by local residents that they were only the third and fourth Canadians to visit this area. Peter undertook this trip to Denmark and Germany, at his own expense, to examine green energy policies.

Please join us in person, or live at newwest.tv, to hear Peter Julian, Member of Parliament, Burnaby–New Westminster, talk about the Danish model, the Germany model, and how successful clean energy strategies can be great for the economy and the environment.

Join us in person or live on newwest.tv

Join us in person or live on newwest.tv

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