How much does membership cost?

Membership costs $5/year.

Do I have to be a member to come to a meeting?

No, meetings are open to anyone.  We do, however, encourage you sign up for a membership as it helps us to continue to do good work in the community.

I read that you are ‘member-driven’-  what does that mean?

The NWEP is a ‘member-driven’ organization, meaning that thereshoreline1 is not any one group of people who direct what projects we take on in any given year.  It is up to you, the member, to take initiative and get a project off the ground.  The NWEP is here to support the community in getting initiatives off the ground in any way we can.

We are not officially affiliated with any businesses, groups, or organizations; however we do partner with various organizations.

How is the NWEP funded?

The work that the NWEP does in the community is funded most importantly by volunteer power.  However, you are probably asking how we get monetary funding, I think.  We are funded by City of New Westminster and organizational grants, membership fees, member donations, and community donations (including ‘in kind’).

Are you a charity?

No, we are not a charity, and you cannot get a tax deductible receipt for donating to our organization, though we greatly appreciate any donations. If you would like to make a donation, please send us a message on our Facebook page.

How often do you meet?

Like most organizations, we have an Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually in the fall.  Additionally, we have member meeting occasionally, and if you are interested in a particular issue within the subgroups, you meet as often as they organize something.

What do I have to do as a member?

We really encourage our members to come out and attend regular meetings, participate in some of the events that are put on by other members, volunteer at community events where we have a table, and importantly, take initiative to create and manage your own project with support from the NWEP and other members.

Some examples of initiatives that have come out of NWEP:

Some examples of initiatives that you can undertake with NWEP:

  • Organize a neighbourhood cleanup
  • Organize a block party
  • Organize an “issue” rally (e.g. pipeline, climate change, transportation etc.)
  • Create a petition on an issue
  • Anything else that you can think of! The sky is the limit.


Are you affiliated with any political party?

No, we are a non-partisan (not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group) organization.


Any other questions? Check out our Facebook page.